Akhal Tekes

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Akhal Tekes on parade in Turkmenistan

Akhal Tekes on parade in Turkmenistan


The Akhal Teke is an ancient breed of horse with its origins in what is now modern-day Turkmenistan. Throughout history they have been prized for their athletic and graceful build, their bravery and intelligence, and the unique metallic sheen of their coats. Originally bred for war and endurance, they are fast, tough, and particularly bold.

Today they are beloved all over the world, not only for their athleticism but also for their unique attitude and looks. Akhal Tekes have competed in racing, jumping, cross country, and endurance. We love their willing and personable attitude as well as their versatility. Our Akhal Tekes and Akhal Teke crosses trail ride, jump, and are schooled in dressage.

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